Pirates of the Caribbean

Which came first, Captain Mad Kestrel or Captain Jack Sparrow?

Many people who read Mad Kestrel will certainly think that it was written after the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out.

But that would be a mistake. Mad Kestrel was being written well before the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie The Curse of the Black Pearl even hit the theaters.

The development time for the swashbuckling novel took much longer for the fledgling novelist to get rolling than it took for the movies to be made.

The novel simply took about 6 years from the time an agent was found, till Tor accepted it, and then finally publication and the release in March, 2008.

The novel, Mad Kestrel, was being critiqued in the same small writing group that would also produce such talents as Kim Harrison and Faith Hunter. Just think of the writing power in the room with these three future voices of fantasy honing their craft together.

There was a great deal of excitement in the Massey household when the Disney pirate movie performed so well with the general public and we hoped that the novel would get picked up before the groundswell died away.

Then the movie was incredibly well received and a second and third movie were in the works that we felt that Mad Kestrel would be picked up, not only for the talent of the writing but also due to the widespread popularity of pirates that was sweeping the world.

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